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MARCH 27 - APRIL 5, 2020

We are looking to fill three more roles for Into the Woods, the final show in our 2019/2020 season!  Audition videos will be accepted until January 6. Keep reading for details!


Narrator/Mysterious Man

An intellectual and pleasant story-teller who helps to orchestrate the show and illustrate lessons to the audience. A mischievous vagrant and nosy meddler. He is a good-natured protector and observer.


The Witch

Sarcastic, ugly-then-gorgeous, obsessive protector of Rapunzel who is straightforward and aggressive.



A loopy-but-lovely maiden who is sheltered by the Witch and terribly lonely. She yearns to experience the world.


Please put the song selections listed below on film and upload your video to YouTube as an “unlisted” file. Send your headshot/recent photo, resume, completed audition form and link to your audition video to by January 6.


You may use karaoke tracks or piano accompaniment for your video. You may not sing a cappella. If you have any questions, please email

Rapunzel Audition Material

"Our Little World". Please sing measures 65-90.

Narrator/Mysterious Man Audition Material

"No More". Please sing measures 31-71.

Witch Audition Material

"Act 1, Part 4". Please sing measure 47 to the end of the song.

"Last Midnight". Please sing measure 154 to the end of the song.

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