July 23 - August 1, 2021

Director & Choreographer: Whitney Branan

Vocal Director: Patti House

In this Tony Award winning musical comedy, rock star Conrad Birdie is the biggest thing to top the charts. Women love him, men want to be him and teenage girls around the country scream with glee at the mere mention of his name. But when the United States Army drafts Birdie, manager Albert Peterson sees his meal ticket preparing to fly the coop (much to the delight of longtime love Rose Alvarez, who can’t wait for Albert to ditch the music biz and become something respectable, like an English teacher). Desperate for a publicity stunt big enough to help them survive Birdie’s departure, Albert and Rose hatch a plan: send Conrad to small-town America to plant his goodbye kiss on one lucky fan for the entire world to see. Their selection of superfan Kim MacAfee sends the wholesome enclave of Sweet Apple, Ohio into chaos.


WHEN: Saturday, May 22 at 11:00 am by appointment only. Click here to reserve your appointment time. Callbacks will be held on Sunday, May 23. There will be an audition workshop on Friday, May 21 from 6:00-8:00 pm. We highly recommend you attend this workshop in order to learn the audition dance before auditions. Click here for details.

Each vocal appointment will last 5 minutes. All performers will be asked to stay for a brief 30 minute dance call following their appointment, so please dress appropriately. No flip flops or sandals. There will be only 7 performers per dance call. Please bring tap shoes if you have them.

Plan to be at auditions on Saturday for one hour from the start of your appointment time. In order to expedite the process, we ask that you bring your audition form completed to sign-in (listed at the bottom of the page).

**All performers will be required to wear a mask for the duration of their audition. You will not be admitted into the building without a mask. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. No one is permitted inside the building unless they are auditioning for the show. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early to your appointment.**


WHERE: Tanger Outlets. 5205 Airways Blvd., Suite 310. Southaven, MS 38671

WHO: Casting all roles in Bye Bye Birdie. Actors ages 12+. 

WHAT TO PREPARE: Please prepare 32 bars (30-60 seconds) of a song in the style of the show. You may sing from the show. If you are singing from the show, we will provide instrumental tracks for accompaniment. If you are not singing from the show, please bring either your own track or sheet music in the correct key. A pianist will be in attendance. No Acapella auditions. If you have any questions, email companymanagerdft@gmail.com

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring an 8x10 headshot and resume stapled. If you do not have a headshot, please bring a current photo. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for dancing. No sandals or flip flops. There will be a brief tap combination during the Dance Call. Please bring tap shoes if you have them. Bring a completed audition form. You can find this form at the bottom of the page. 

If you are unable to attend auditions on May 22, you may submit a video audition. All video submissions must be received by 5:00 PM CST on Friday, May 21. Please include a 30-60 second vocal selection in the style of the show as well as the audition dance combination. If you plan to submit a video audition, please email companymanagerdft@gmail.com in order to receive the instructional video for the dance combination. Once you are ready to submit, be sure to include your video audition, headshot, resume and completed audition form. Send all materials to companymanagerdft@gmail.com.

Rehearsals begin June 12. Please see a tentative rehearsal schedule below. 

Character Breakdown:​

Albert Peterson (Baritone, 30 - 40) – A 33-year-old high-strung man who is the President of Almaelou Music Corporation and the agent of rock-and-roll superstar Conrad Birdie. Anxious and easily manipulated by his mother. Strong singer with great comic timing. 


Rose Alvarez (Mezzo, 25 - 35, Latina) – Albert’s highly intelligent and under appreciated girlfriend. The target of constant attacks by Albert’s mother. Confident, vivacious, fiery and patient. A terrific dancer and singer. 


Conrad Birdie (Baritone, 18 - 29) – An Elvis Presley type, over-the-top rock star and teen heartthrob who was recently drafted into the military. Tons of personality and charm. Must be a terrific singer and dancer.


Kim MacAfee (Soprano, 15 - 24 to play 15) – A pretty and kind All-American girl. President of the Conrad Birdie Fan Club. Must be a great singer and dancer.


Mr. Harry MacAfee (Tenor, 40 - 55) – An old fashioned, grumpy guy who believes he’s in control of his family, but isn’t. The father of Kim and Randolph. Strong singer.


Mrs. Doris MacAfee (Alto, 40 - 55) – A steady, kind, and knowing “50s mom.” The mother of Kim and Randolph. Strong singer.


Randolph MacAfee (Tenor, 10 - 14 to play 10) – Kim’s adorable younger brother. An All-American kid. Strong singer.


Hugo Peabody (15 - 17 to play 15) – Kim’s deeply devoted and steady boyfriend, an All-American boy, who becomes struck with jealousy when Conrad comes to town. Strong singer.


Ursula Merkle (Mezzo, 15 - 24 to play 15) – A loud, wild and hyper-enthusiastic fan of Conrad Birdie. Kim’s best friend. Strong singer and dancer.


Mrs. Mae Peterson (Alto, 50 - 69) – Albert’s nagging and controlling mother. She worships him but won’t let him make his own decisions. Must have good comedic timing.


Deborah Sue (12 – 16 to play 13) – Bubbly and fun. Ursula’s sister.


Margie (15 - 24 to play 15) – Shy, but has a hidden agenda.


Alice (15 – 24 to play 15) – Sweet Apple teenager and Mayor’s daughter.


Helen (15 - 24 to play 15) – A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club.


Nancy (15 - 24 to play 15) – A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club.


Penelope (15 - 24 to play 15) – A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club.


Suzie (15 - 24 to play 15) – A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club.


Harvey Johnson (15 – 24 to play 15) – Loveable nerd. Character voice welcome.


Karl (15 - 24 to play 15) – A Sweet Apple resident who becomes excited about Conrad.


Freddie (15 - 24 to play 15) – A Sweet Apple resident who becomes excited about Conrad.


Gloria Rasputin (Soprano, 25 - 39) – An ambitious, bombshell, secretary – Mae’s choice to replace Rosie. Larger than life with excellent dancing abilities. Also doubles in the ensemble.


Mayor (40 – 69) – The Mayor of Sweet Apple, Ohio. Outspoken and pompous. Also doubles in the ensemble.


Mayor’s Wife (40 – 69) – A soft-spoken politician’s wife, who is changed when she cannot resist the charms of Conrad Birdie. Also doubles in the ensemble.


Mrs. Merkle (39 – 49) – Ursula’s overbearing and excitable mother. Also doubles in the ensemble.


Mr. Johnson (36 – 49) – Harvey Johnson’s concerned father. Also doubles in the ensemble.




Teen Ensemble will consist of additional girls and boys to play 13-16 years old. All should be excellent dancers. Experience with tap dancing a plus.


Adult Ensemble will consist of men and women ages 20 - 65 to play many featured roles including policemen, reporters, travelers, Sweet Apple residents and others. Experience with tap dancing a plus.

DFT is committed to equitable and inclusive casting practices.